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Squash Blossom Frittata {Guest Post}

breakfast, dinner, eggs, homechef, seasonal, Squash blossom, summer squashAbby Himes13 Comments

While I lived on Guam I worked at the Ritidian Wildlife Refuge assisting the biologists with whatever needed doing.  My favorite days were walking the beach looking for turtle tracks and nests.  I also helped out when science classes from the University of Guam came out to plant trees.  I would take a group out to the jungle to plant Coconut and Ifit trees, and I'll never forget this one young guy who was from another island in the Marianas, Kosrae.  We were casually chatting while we dug holes and he mentioned his family ate the monitor lizards that roam all the islands in that region.  Now I wasn't really too shocked but I was curious, so I asked how they prepared them, he replied "fried, duh".  

Now that's eating locally.

I didn't make you Monitor Lizard. 

It's out of season. 

I kid.  But I did make this gorgeous Squash Blossom Frittata.  Full of farm fresh eggs, local yellow squash, and topped with squash blossoms; it's a light and healthy dish for breakfast or dinner.  I'm so excited to be guest posting for my foodie friend Kimberly @ The Badger Girl Learns to Cook, so head on over for the recipe!  Kimberly has such a wealth of knowledge for food and healthy eating.  I'm always learning new things and getting inspired by what she's doing.  Go visit her! (Or I will make you Monitor Lizard!)

And now I'm thinking I should make something with Alligator!  What do you think?