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Pumpkin Enchiladas

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Before we get to the deliciousness that is these pumpkin enchiladas, I have to tell you about this.  We went to a local farm last weekend to pick out our pumpkins.  Scuffling through dusty fields of dried out pumpkin plants, the pumpkins sitting, shining, like colorful gems dotting the earth, me and the hubs were having a deep discussion about which is the perfect pumpkin tall or round... when all of a sudden we heard horns blaring, like those huge semi-truck horns.  Then we heard a bang and something shot hundreds of feet into the air, soaring out over the farm and disappearing into the distance.  The farm had a Punkin Chunkin!

What the heck is that?

It's basically a canon type thing that shoots pumpkins reeeeeaaaallly far.

Pumpkins flying through the air...

Nope that's not a bug on your screen, it's really the pumpkin!  It was surprisingly really exciting to watch.  (PS. it's hard to tell in the photo but the fields of sunflowers were gorgeous!)  Discovery channel even does a special event/show for it every year, I think this year's is Nov 2-4.  It's a pretty big deal apparently.  My mind has been blown haha, can you tell?

Okay, oh yea, pumpkin enchiladas.

I took the time to roast a pie pumpkin for the first time ever.

Worth it.

It was nice to just pop it in the oven and go do something else for an hour and my house smelled pretty amazing afterwards.  Along with the roasted pumpkin, I added corn and black beans to replace the usual super cheese filling.  Much healthier for you.  Mix in some classic mexican flavors, smother with enchilada sauce and a little bit of cheese, you're done!  It got the man seal of approval, my guy was happily full and didn't miss the meat.

Today I'm guest posting for the fabulous Steph's Bite by Bite so Click on over for the recipe!

Recipe Here.

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