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I almost didn't blog today, but I couldn't miss a day in the first week.  I made a commitment to post this month, so I will.

I'm exhausted.

We were at the emergency vet for 3 hours last night and 3 hours this afternoon.  Nothing is worse than sitting under those harsh lights in that awful, sterile room.  Watson had a really bad limp, we tried to let him sleep it off but things just got progressively worse - he stopped using the leg completely, so we took him in.  Nothing too major is wrong, thank goodness.  He probably just sprained his ACL (knee ligament) but shouldn't need surgery.... yet.

Then this morning he just wasn't being himself at all and then he had bloody stool ....sorry Too Much Information.... which scared me to death, so I took him over immediately.  Turns out to be nothing major at all, we have antibiotics and probiotics to give him that should fix everything.

He's already back to being his Watson self which makes me the happiest person in the world.  Talk about thankful.  This little dog has completely stolen my heart.  I missed him chasing us around trying to playfully nip at our toes, following me around the house, sitting in the sunny spot on our deck just enjoying being outside, eating my plants and getting into everything.  He's so full of life and he's brought so much happiness into our home.

He's my fur-baby and it broke my heart to see him in pain and just not being himself.  I'm am so incredibly thankful for the doctors providing such great care 24-7, it was worth every penny to have our little family back to normal again.

My heart breaks for the families we saw at the emergency vet who were facing much tougher circumstances and I can only hope things turned out for the best.

So now Watson's lying on his bed chewing his toy and we're watching Rudy on tv, life is good!