Free Christmas Tag Printables

Christmas Printables  Seaweed & Sassafras

Free Christmas Printable

Are you ready?  I am so excited to offer my first ever printable!! I designed these thinking of them as gift tags, but feel free to get creative – I’m sure there’s a ton of different ways to use them.

I did a test run on my home printer and the color looks so great!  I’d suggest using a slightly thicker paper (something your printer can handle) but that will be more sturdy…or even go to a Staples/Kinkos/wherever and print them there, it’s usually pretty reasonable pricing.

All you do is click on the little link there “Free Christmas Printable” and it will open right up.  (Don’t worry, that copy doesn’t contain the watermark.)  I’d love to hear if you use them!  Email me, tag me on facebook or wherever with a picture.  Hope you love them as much as I do!