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DIY - Dresser Makeover

designAbby Himes8 Comments
Dresser Makeover #DIY
Dresser Makeover #DIY

I unplugged for the entire weekend, and it was much, much needed.  The sunny 70 degree days are BACK! (unapologetically bragging right now)  I took advantage of the gorgeous weather, got outside and finished some projects that had been on my list for the last two years a while.

This Dresser.  Oh what can I say about it...dull, flat out ugly at times, dark, looming.  Does that about cover it?  It was incredibly functional, and free which is the biggest bonus ever but man, it was bringing me down.

Dresser Makeover #DIY
Dresser Makeover #DIY

But look at it now!  It just needed a little love.  I told my guy I feel like I released it's spirit animal.  You know how people carve those huge tree trunks into bears, or other..sculpture-y things.  It's like this pretty, modern dresser was always there just waiting to get out.

It was incredibly easy too!  A quick sanding on all the surfaces (wear a mask!), a little glue and hammering was all it took for a fresh look.  I left the top as it originally was but here's what I used for the rest:

Valspar Ultra Flat White 391609 (Paint + Primer in one, Interior)

Valspar Ultra Satin White 45250 (Paint + Primer in one, Exterior*)

Brainerd 3 inch Satin Nickel Circus Pull

Aqua Bubble Glass Knobs (World Market)

*Quick story behind the paint...I bought the flat white, did a coat of it and didn't like how it looked.  After rummaging around the garage, I found the same Valspar paint in Satin white and used that, it worked like a dream.  Only realized later it was exterior paint we had leftover from building our screen door.  Oops.  Well it was Low VOC and No Odor...and .... well paint is paint right?  I'm not worried about it.  But if you're into that whole interior/exterior thing, you might want to pick up the interior satin instead.

This was every step of the way.  From Watson sitting out in the front yard while I worked in the garage, we both just soaked up the sunshine, to going to pick out the hardware, all the painting and sanding, imagining how it might turn out.  And I'm so proud of the way it turned out!  Can I say that?  It lightened up our bedroom, and every time I walk pass it I just smile.  I think I'm hooked.  I already have my eye on an old desk...I'm sure it has an inner spirit animal dying to come out ;)

Disclaimer:  Not sponsored at all, just a fun weekend project.  Roger that.