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This weekend was full of new things.  The spring semester ended, marking my first year complete (!!!) and I finally love something I'm doing.  I'm so thankful a year ago I found this program and applied.  (That old saying is true, a year from now you'll wish you started.)  So to celebrate the guy and I had a really fun dinner out at Pot Roast and Pinot, and Saturday night we went down to the beach to go to a Star-gazing event.  Basically a group of people with incredible telescopes go out on the beach in the evening and let you look at Saturn, Jupiter, the moon, etc.  I even saw a Nebula - I didn't even know what a Nebula was!  It was the first time I had seen the rings around Saturn like that.  Today, after a little beach walk and hitting golf balls at the driving range with the guy, I had a little girl time at Target.  (This is not sponsored, roger that.) Of course I go in there for 2 things...and walk out with half the store.  How does it happen?!  I had 2 specific favorites I had to share - I'm already wearing the pj shorts as I type this.  They are so comfy! and absolutely cute.  But first...these sandals.

Women's Mossimo Audrey Braided Strap Sandal in Black


Audrey Braid Sandal from Target

1. They were on sale for only $18!

2.  They are so much more awesome in person.  I was a little worried about the cord being too scratchy or rubbing on my toes - nope!  It's the softest thing ever, even softer than a pair of leather thong sandals I have.  So comfortable, and the black and white looks great with anything!  I love the little gold plate at the toe I'm hoping it keeps them from wearing out too much, but yea they are my new go to sandal.


And these shorts - the cutest pj shorts ever!

Gilligan & O'Malley® Women's Crochet Shorts - Fresh White

White eyelet "crochet" lined pj shorts.  It's summer-time in a piece of clothing.  Seriously this picture does not do them justice, I'm wearing them now and I think I'm going to have to go back and get another pair.  They are soft, feminine, I just feel all happy and cute walking around the house in them....or sitting out back on my deck, on my computer, with my hair up in a crazy top knot and my glasses on... probably scaring my neighbor who just came out to wash his cooler.   Hey hey neighbor! Whatever, his wife would love these!


Crochet PJ Shorts